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10 сентября 2019

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Your long-awaited trip to Moscow begins very soon! Ahead — a sea of vivid impressions, interesting routes to the most unusual places, trips to the best restaurants of Russian cuisine and acquaintance with local dishes and traditions. I want this trip to be remembered and truly open the capital of Russia, with its rich history, culture and modern city life.

On the pages of our blog, we already shared tips on how to prepare for a trip to Moscow. To make your stay as enjoyable as possible, we have compiled for you a selection of the most useful travel apps. Any smartphone and connected mobile connection are enough to make local calls and download the necessary applications. So, we begin preparations for one of the most unforgettable journeys of your life!

Moscow is known for its well-developed transport network, which allows you to freely move around the metropolis. You already feel it at the airport: from the main Moscow airports “Domodedovo”, “Vnukovo” and “Sheremetyevo” you can quickly get to the city center by aeroexpress at the standard rate of 500 rubles. By the way, when buying a ticket on the website or through the application there is a discount; We also recommend paying attention to special offers for group tickets.

The cost of a trip by public transport in Moscow will pleasantly surprise tourists: for most routes, the ticket price does not exceed $ 1. Various types of public transport operate in the capital: regular buses and minibuses, trams, trolleybuses, a monorail, the recently opened MCC, and the metro. Some of the routes are not inferior to tourist buses: for example, from the window of a futuristic monorail, you can admire the beauty of the VDNH park and the Ostankino TV tower, and take a retro tram ride through the narrow streets in the city center.

To learn more about the main transport destinations in Moscow, download special applications (for example, Wikiroutes, CityMapper or Rome2Rio) and monitor public transport routes in real time. You can take advantage of traveling around the capital using the replenished Troika card, which is also available through the application in electronic form. The collateral value of a plastic card is 50 rubles; it can be replenished at metro and ground transport stations through the cashier, independently through a payment terminal, and also remotely: through the application or SMS using the “Electronic Wallet”. If you plan to travel a lot by public transport, the Unified travel card for 1, 3 or 7 days is suitable for you — specify the cost and conditions on the official website and at the box office of public transport.

Of course, it’s worth going down to the Moscow metro anyway: it’s a real underground palace with unique stations, each of which is like a treasure box. Combine an interesting excursion program at the most memorable stations, extremely popular among tourists from different countries, and forget about traffic jams, visiting all the interesting places along the route. The Yandex.Metro app will help you calculate your travel time and always have an interactive metro map on hand.

If you still prefer a taxi, we advise you to download applications of the main services with competitive prices: “Yanlex.Taxi”, “Uber Russia”, “CityMobil”, “Gett”. Each of them will please with promotional coupons and a much more affordable price than an official taxi; To catch the most successful option, download several applications and compare prices for the same route before placing an order. You can pay for the trip in most services with a credit card or cash.

Some tourists prefer to rent their own car, and if you need to travel long distances or go to the Moscow region, this decision will be justified. The leading rental services are world-famous “Rentalcars”, “Sixt”, “Europcar”, “Hertz”. However, it is worth recognizing that the presence of a rented car in an unfamiliar city is not always in the hands of a traveler: in Moscow parking difficulties often arise, in the historical center the cost can reach 380 rubles per hour, and sometimes it’s easier (and more profitable for the budget) to travel by public transport or on foot, and if necessary take a taxi. If you move around the city with local friends, it’s convenient to use car sharing services: the most popular of them are Delimobile, YouDrive, Yandex.Drive, BelkaCar, MatreshCar.

So, having decided on transport, we begin to plan walks in the historical center and visits to museums, parks and monuments. We already told you about the best viewing platforms, great places for a delicious breakfast or a romantic dinner, ideas for shopping or a river cruise. Whatever you choose, you should familiarize yourself with the main areas of the capital and have a general idea of ​​the location of the main attractions.

If you are used to walking along a pre-planned route, you will find useful applications with maps: in addition to the well-known “Google Maps” (or their Russian counterpart “Yandex.Maps”), download “”; This free application works offline and helps you easily visit all the interesting places. AroundMe is another application with useful tips about nearby establishments, from a movie theater to a bank or gas station.

In addition, various applications with information about what is happening in the city will be useful. The local application 2GIS offers a detailed map of Russian cities with the possibility of using it offline, Google Arts & Culture will become your guide to cultural places and help prepare for a trip to the museum, and Yuggler is simply irreplaceable to choose all kinds of entertainment for children: zoos , water parks, pools, playgrounds and other interesting activities for the whole family. By the way, if you meet locals during the trip, add them to the most popular social network in Russia, VKontakte: “Facebook” is also used here, but much less.

Of course, for all gourmets, it is worth noting the applications necessary for a vivid gastronomic journey. To decide on a suitable restaurant, whether it is a budget snack or a sumptuous dinner, check the reviews of real visitors in Foursquare and TripAdvisor. You can book a table in Moscow directly or through the Gettable application, and to pay the bill using only your smartphone, use the Apple Pay / Google Pay applications. However, if you want to use food delivery services, Moscow will provide you with a wide choice: the most popular services are Delivery Club and Yandex.Food.

What other applications will become a lifesaver while traveling in Russia?

PackPoint”. It’s time to pack your suitcase, but you don’t know what to bring with you to Russia? The “PackPoint” application will come to your aid: thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can make an individual list of the things you need while traveling in several categories, taking into account the purpose and duration of the trip. To choose clothes according to the weather, use the WeatherPro application, and you can specify the exchange rate using the “XE Currency Converter”.

Skype. If you plan to make calls from a local SIM card abroad, no matter how beneficial roaming tariffs are, they will never be compared with the cost of calls to “Skype”. Most users consider this application only for chat and video calls with relatives and colleagues, but with only a few dollars in the account, you can call mobile and landline numbers around the world, significantly saving your communication budget.

Google Translate. Get ready for the fact that in Moscow, many residents do not speak English. However, most citizens are open and polite and will be happy to help you, even if they do not fully understand you. Of course, we don’t encourage you to learn one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world — but knowing the phrases of greeting and courtesy can be very useful (simple dialogs and everyday situations can be found, for example, in Duolinguo), like a phrase book or any electronic dictionary, especially for communication in a taxi or store.

Amazon Kindle”. Do not part with your favorite books and materials on study or work while traveling: this and similar applications will allow you to take the necessary literature and guides with you on a trip without taking up space in your luggage and easily fit into your smartphone or tablet.

What travel apps do you use? Share with us in the comments. We will also be happy to promptly answer your questions about planning a trip to Moscow via the Facebook messenger or under each article: you will receive an answer within 5 minutes!

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