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30 июня 2017

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Asan original tourist destination, Russia re-opened after the World Cup in the summer of 2018. Tourists from all over the world visited various cities of Russia and, above all, two capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and most of them were in our country for the first time in their life. Thus, the worldwide love of football has made Russia closer for travelers from different countries.

Vivid impressions that exceeded all expectations, and a lot of positive emotions speak for themselves: many want to come to Moscow at least once again and are happy to recommend a trip to their friends and relatives. Only when you embark on such a journey yourself, you begin to understand: the imposed stereotypes have nothing to do with reality, and in such an unknown direction for many as Russia, you can find many amazing places — from cities rich in their centuries-old history, to amazing nature.

How to prepare for a trip to Moscow

On the pages of our blog we share with you everything interesting, unusual and useful about Moscow: where to try the best dishes of Russian cuisine, where to buy souvenirs, what’s new in the city. If you have already planned your first trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe — or are just going to do it, we will share with you tips on how to prepare for a trip to Moscow.

Plan your trip in advance

Even if you do not move between cities, in such a large metropolis as Moscow, it is easy to get lost in the abundance of monuments, restaurants and events. Highlight your priority areas and act as the designer of your own journey by inventing an author’s itinerary.

For example, if you are a fan of painting and contemporary art, go on a tour of museums and art galleries, many of which have no analogues in the world. If you are looking for something non-standard — visit the most unusual places in Moscow and find out about temporary exhibitions / festivals / concerts. It’s impossible to get around everything in a couple of days (to be honest, not even a week is enough), but you will definitely make up your first impression of the capital — and there will be a reason to return and look at the city from a different angle.

Think over the details

A plane ticket, hotel and preparation of documents are the basic elements of any trip, but to feel confident in a new country and get the most out of your experience, get to know the nuances of life in Moscow. For example, official taxis (especially in the center and near the airport) usually cost 2-3 times more. In order not to overpay and still get comfortable, use taxi applications (Yandex, which was joined by the famous Uber, Gett, CityMobil) or consider car-sharing services if you travel with Russian friends.

By the way, public transport is a very convenient solution, especially metro; most citizens use it daily, there are signs in English, and it’s convenient to navigate using the special free application for Yandex.Metro smartphone. For comfortable movement around the city, when choosing a location, pay attention to the proximity to the metro station, preferably within the ring line: this way you will spend minimal time on the road. To stay in touch and share content on social networks, buy a local SIM card: you can read information about mobile communications in Russia here. We are sure that such preparation will save you a lot of time and money — and give you freedom of action during the trip itself.

Learn a couple of phrases in Russian

Of course, we do not urge you to learn one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world, but knowing simple phrases of greeting and courtesy can be very useful to you — in addition, it is always interesting to touch the culture of a new country and learn a couple of words. Unlike the countries of Northern Europe, in Moscow, many do not speak English and may not often communicate with foreigners. However, most citizens are open and polite and will be happy to help you, even if they do not fully understand you. The situation in the capital is gradually changing: signs appeared in English, in hotels and restaurants you can safely communicate with the staff, and young people on the street will almost always be able to support the conversation. But phrasebook and Google Translate, nevertheless, it is better to have with you.

Take a walk around the city

If the weather allows, feel free to go to the center and explore the city on foot. Walk along the elegant Tverskaya Street, surrounded by fashionable boutiques and prestigious hotels, to Red Square, look at the Patriarchs to relax near the pond in the shade of trees, and then take a lunch break in one of a dozen fashionable cafes. Feel the atmosphere of the narrow alleys of Kitai Gorod or have a picnic in Gorky Park; this is how you truly recognize the city, because no trip on a sightseeing bus can be compared with the feeling when, lost in the maze of streets, you suddenly find yourself in some very beautiful place and capture this moment in your heart.

However, if you are used to walking along a pre-planned route, you will find useful applications with maps: in addition to the well-known “Google Maps” (or their Russian counterpart “Yandex.Maps”), download “”; This free application works offline and helps you easily find all the main attractions.

Look at Moscow through the eyes of local residents

We already wrote about how its inhabitants see the capital. It seems to us that sometimes immersion in the rhythm of the city, a sense of its energy and lifestyle is more important than the completed checkmarks on the cultural program. Moscow is striking in its ambiguity and versatility that goes beyond any travel guide. Buildings of the Soviet era and echoes of the tsarist past are woven into the architectural canvas along with the ultra-modern skyscrapers of Moscow City, and when night falls on the city and thousands of shining lights are lit, you understand that Moscow will not be able to unravel until the end — and this is its undeniable charm.

Allow yourself at least for a day to turn from a tourist into an ordinary city dweller and go where Muscovites themselves live, work and have a rest. It’s great if you have friends among the locals: they will tell you all the very best places, advise you what to try with local dishes, tell true stories about the modern life of the metropolis. And let this day not go according to plan: even if you do not have time for something from the treasured list of attractions, it is perhaps this spontaneity and sincerity that you will remember most.

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