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08 сентября 2019

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Food markets — a new word in the palette of entertainment in Moscow. Imagine that instead of the usual trip to the restaurant, you find yourself surrounded by many original concepts, where each time you can try something unusual, and at the same time buy fresh products home.

The format, when corners for every taste and budget are gathered in one space, is ideal for meeting a large company after a busy walking route. This direction will be interesting for tourists discovering Russia and its attractions. So, today we go on a gastronomic journey through the capital markets.

Around the world

This market is conveniently located: in the very center, just a few steps from Red Square and the Okhotny Ryad shopping center. After a walk along the historical heart of Moscow, walk along Nikolskaya Street. You will find a fascinating tour of national dishes from leading restaurateurs: Arkady Novikov, Boris Zarkov and Vladimir Mukhin.

By the way, during the World Cup in the summer of 2018, the market became a real center of attraction. Fans from all over the world gathered here and supported the teams of their countries. Argentina, France, Mexico, Croatia — it seems that you can meet travelers from any corner of the planet, and the atmosphere of friendship and fun reigns every day. The grocery store remains popular now: for a hearty breakfast for the whole family, drop by the “Benedict”, where you can enjoy the summer warmth on the cozy veranda, go to the “Batumi” for hospitable Georgian cuisine, and for lovers of a home-made Russian feast a corner with the saying “From” Russia with love ”: hot cakes, handmade dumplings, rich soups — it’s impossible to pass by!

Address: st. Nikolskaya, 10
Opening hours: 11.00-23.00


More than a food market, “Depot” is a real foodmall, and being here for the first time, you get a little lost from such a variety. Muscovites were waiting for the opening of this market in 2019 for several months, and in the early days the apple had nowhere to fall. Over 100 farm stalls and 70 corners, a play area for children and a combined home delivery service are all on the territory of the restored Mius Tram Depot (hence the name). The organizers breathed new life into the spacious — more than 11,000 square meters — brick building, having developed a loft-style design and made convenient navigation through the rows. However, we advise you to study the main corners on the site in advance: it will be easier to navigate on the spot and recommend interesting dishes to friends.

However, whatever your preference, you will definitely have plenty to choose from. Guests are greeted with both new projects and gastronomic concepts that the townspeople loved: “Buba by Sumosan”, “Mollusca” from the Patriarchs, “My Fish Market”. The owners of Chaykhona No. 1 presented the Batman and Uzbeks corner with the most memorable design, and the founders of the popular fast food chain Teremok with traditional Russian recipes opened here Pripek — a premium class establishment with delicious fillings for pancakes: foie gras , black caviar or Camembert cheese.

In the evenings, “Depot” turns into a fashionable lifestyle space. The program includes: gastronomic festivals, fairs and master classes, DJ sets every weekday and live performances of cover groups on weekends. A great option to combine a trip to a restaurant and cultural rest, remaining in the thick of things.

Address: st. Lesnaya, 20 p. 3
Opening hours:
Monday-thursday 08: 00-23: 00
Friday 08: 00-02: 00
Saturday 10: 00-02: 00
Sunday 10: 00-23: 00

Central market

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle in the middle of the working day or just have a tasty snack, we recommend the Central Market on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard. Nearby is the Tsvetnoy shopping center and the main circus of the country, and the market itself is conveniently located 5 minutes walk from the metro station.

Already at the entrance to the two-story historical building, guests can discover the whole variety of fresh farm products and a colorful food market with Asian, Middle Eastern, European and Russian dishes. The green framing of the ceiling and the pleasant atmosphere make it possible to forget about the noise of the metropolis — it is not for nothing that Muscovites, tourists and expatriates loved this place so much. On the territory of the market there is a soulful restaurant “Gorynych” with an open wooden terrace and a thoughtful menu. Local breakfasts and freshly baked bread from the oven have not left anyone indifferent!

Address: Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, 1
Opening hours: 08.00-00.00

Danilovsky Market

After a large-scale reconstruction in 2017, the legendary market cannot be recognized: as if you are in a kaleidoscope of orderly rows of vegetables, fruits (including exotic) and various street food corners. It was the Danilovsky market that became the trendsetter for a new approach to medium and small business, giving novice entrepreneurs an opportunity to try their hand and surprise guests with pleasant prices and unexpected recipes.

Go here to drink aromatic coffee (according to many — one of the best in the city) at Man and Steamboat, treat yourself to a delicate dessert at Figs or try the unique Israeli cuisine at The Hummus: a kosher recipe for hummus or delicious shakshuka.

Address: st. Mytnaya, 74
Opening hours: 08.00-21.00

Usachevsky market

Following the boom of the gastromarket in Moscow, the Usachevsky market was updated in 2017. The nearest metro station is Sportivnaya or Frunzenskaya, from where you can reach the market in 10-15 minutes, strolling past the quiet metropolitan courtyards and Trubetskoy manor park with ponds and bridges. It is conveniently accessible by car, leaving the car in a spacious parking lot.

Let’s walk through the market. “The Truffle” is a unique concept based on a delicacy such as truffle mushrooms. Fans of properly cooked risotto and al dente pasta will surely appreciate the classics of Italian cuisine. “Avocado Point” pays tribute to one of the most popular trends of this year — dishes with avocados, and “Prawns Bar” offers the best seafood in the original format. And that is far from all!

The multi-level space on the street allows you to choose a table on the lid or sit next to the fountain in the courtyard, enjoying the moment. And then we advise you to walk to a beautiful green park near Novodevichy Pond and spend the evening, once again confessing your love to Moscow.

Address: st. Usacheva, 26
Opening hours: 08.00-22.00

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