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16 сентября 2019

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When planning a trip to Moscow, in addition to the main attractions and buying souvenirs, you need to pay attention to the gastronomic aspect of your trip. The capital of Russia has become home to bold experiments in restaurant business, and to traditional restaurants of Russian cuisine, for fashionable deli markets in the spirit of European markets and street food festivals. In a word, there are offers for every taste and budget: it remains to decide which restaurants you like.

On the pages of our blog, we have already shared with you a selection of restaurants with breakfasts for travelers or places for a romantic date. But what if you want something unusual, something that you will not find in other parts of the world? Especially for lovers of adventure and innovative ideas, we offer you a list of unusual restaurants in Moscow that have something to surprise you.

The project “In the dark ?!”

Opens our list, perhaps the most unexpected restaurant. Imagine you are eating in complete darkness. Can you guess all the ingredients? Will the taste of food change from such a presentation? If you are willing to take a chance, go to the restaurant project of the international restaurant chain “Dans Le Noir” (similar establishments also work in other large cities of Europe). In addition to a curious gastronomic experiment, the restaurant’s concept is based on an important social mission of attracting attention to blind people.

In the “bright room” you will be offered to choose one of the menu sections: meat, fish, mixed and vegetarian, with sets at a fixed price. The rest will be a mystery to you: you do not know in advance which dishes will be served to you, which preserves the element of intrigue. You will eat such food in the “dark room” in complete darkness, to the touch, which will definitely become a new experience for you and an opportunity to reconsider your attitude to going to a restaurant in ordinary life. And after the meal you need to guess what you just ate. Keep in mind that the institution is not suitable for young children, and you must book your visit session (lasting about 2 hours) in advance.
Address: st. October 2/4
Opening hours: 12: 00-00: 00

Confectionery “Max Brenner”

Do you want to be in the chocolate kingdom, just like in the “Willy Wonka” chocolate factory from the famous movie? In Moscow, for the sweet tooth, who cannot imagine their life without fragrant chocolate, the cafe of the world famous chain of chocolate bars, originally from Israel under the name “Max Brenner”, opened its doors to Europe. It is located on the ground floor of the Legend of Tsvetnoy business center, near the metro station Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

A visit to this cafe will be a real holiday for the whole family. You can arrange a tasting of chocolate cocktails and all kinds of chocolate, which is served in the original format, try chocolate pizza or enticing desserts and fondue. The smell of chocolate floating in the air will not leave anyone indifferent: if you are on a diet, it will be really difficult to resist these sweets! However, the menu also has items without the use of chocolate, which look no less appetizing.

Address: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 2
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 08: 00-23: 00
Sat – Sun: 09: 00-23: 00

Anticafe “Dial”

Antikafe is a new format of social space, the tone of which was set by Cafe Dial, the world’s first such project. The idea of ​​coming to your favorite meeting place, with board games, cookies and tea, home furnishings and a creative audience, has fallen in love with many modern Muscovites. The peculiarity of the institution is the per-minute payment: you pay exactly for the time you spent here. The cafe operates around the clock, and the cost of 1 hour of visiting is 180 rubles (that is, 3 rubles per minute).

If you want to conduct a small experiment during your stay in Moscow or need an equipped coworking with wifi and a cozy atmosphere, go to the anti-cafe “Dial” network. Such an original way of spending time will bring you interesting acquaintances with local residents and show their daily life and free time from the inside. In addition, you can attend free lectures and concerts, participate in drawing lessons or even organize your own event — the list of events is constantly updated.

Address: st. Kuznetsk bridge 19, p. 1
Opening hours: around the clock

In conclusion, some tips on visiting restaurants in Moscow.

Book a table in advance. The “Gettable” application, useful for tourists, or a call to the restaurant directly (for which a connected local mobile connection on your smartphone will come in handy) will help you. If you want to get together in a large company or plan to go to a restaurant in the evening, pre-booking will help you avoid a long line, which reaches up to one hour in the most popular establishments. This is especially true at Patriarch Ponds, where the number of seats in the cafe is quite limited.

Take advantage of special offers. Recently, we shared with you tips on how to save tourists in Moscow. We remind you about the variety of business lunches in the capital: you can order a set lunch or items from the main menu with a discount of up to 50% — it is tempting, isn’t it? The business lunch is generally open from 13.00 to 16.00 on weekdays, and on weekends many restaurants will offer you delicious brunch at an attractive price.

Do not forget about the tip. Of course, it is solely the client who decides whether or not to tip, but in most establishments in Moscow it is customary to leave waiters for tea about 10-15% of the amount of the check (note that this is lower than the tip in the USA on average). Many restaurants can include a service charge immediately in your account if you prefer to pay by card, but just in case you should have smaller bills with you.

Try the local cuisine. Arriving in every country, it is worth trying those national dishes that it is famous throughout the world. In Russia, according to many foreign guests, dumplings with various fillings, dumplings, borscht and pies remain unchanged favorites. Russian cuisine is experiencing its rebirth, having won the sympathy of tourists from different countries. However, Moscow is a very cosmopolitan city, where you can meet a variety of European, Asian and Latin American dishes; vegetarian concepts and menus based on one product are also popular — visit several establishments to form your own idea of ​​the gastronomic palette of Moscow.

And in what most unusual restaurant in your life were you? Tell us about your impressions in the comments below the article.

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