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17 августа 2017

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Moscow is a movement, a metropolis that never sleeps. To feel this impetuous energy, it is worth taking a ride in the center by car, admiring the multifaceted panorama of urban landscapes from the window of a taxi. Nevertheless, without a walk, the impression of the capital would be incomplete. This is how one can truly plunge into the past and present of Moscow streets, squares and courtyards, looking at shop windows, open verandas of restaurants and passers-by, dissolving into the rhythm of a big city and becoming its part.

Despite kilometers of roads and fairly dense buildings, Moscow remains a green city. Here it’s nice to slowly walk along the embankment of the Moscow River, arrange a summer picnic in one of the many parks or sit near the Patriarch Ponds. Every year there are more and more natural islands and well-maintained urban recreation areas. Today we will tell you about the main parks of the capital, where we recommend taking a walk while exploring the main attractions of the city.

Gorky Park

The Maxim Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is perhaps the country’s main park. Here, on a grand scale, summer music festivals and street food fairs are held in the open air, a wonderful skating rink is filled for sports for the whole family in the winter, and friendly matches are held at sports grounds — all in a vast green area. Numerous cafes with verandas, lined with flowers alleys and dedicated paths for roller skating or cycling attract both tourists and local residents. It is not surprising that this centrally located park, located a few steps from the Park Kultury metro station, has long been a favorite meeting place: people come here for a walk after work, to meet on a date, or just to have a good time with friends.

After wandering in the park and relaxing on one of the lawns, we advise you to continue exploring the city, taking a ride on the boat. On weekdays and weekends, boats depart regularly from the Gorky Park pier with a sightseeing tour along the Moscow River. Do not miss the unique opportunity to appreciate the city architecture from the water, setting off on a river cruise. In addition, more recently, this pier has become the starting point for retro-glazed river buses: their vibrant colors will add colorful emotions to your trip.

Park ``Zaryadye``

Officially opened in 2017, this park in the heart of the capital immediately became the hallmark of Moscow. Zaryadye Park is open around the clock and is within walking distance of Red Square and the GUM store, reopening the historical center. Among travelers, the suspension bridge, which hovers over the Moscow River, is especially popular: photographs overlooking towers with ruby ​​stars and the majestic cathedrals of the Kremlin are beautiful both in the afternoon and in the evening. However, get ready for a long line to take treasured pictures, especially in the summer. In order to regain strength, we advise you to look into Voskhod, a restaurant with a well-thought-out design and an interesting menu right on the territory of the park, or go to the Vokrug Sveta gastromarket on pedestrian Nikolskaya Street and have lunch after a busy walk.

A unique feature of the park is its approach to landscape design, unlike any other Moscow park. When developing the project, the creators were inspired by natural forms and a universal environment for residents of a modern metropolis, giving the city a new type of public space. A variety of objects that have no analogues is amazing: an ice cave showing the world of the Arctic, a multi-level amphitheater, the media complex “Time Machine” and even the Reservation Embassy! A visit to the park for the whole family will be truly fascinating: thematic events, dance lessons and original scientific master classes are regularly held in the territory. In addition, the Moscow Zaryadye concert hall has already become a cultural Mecca and is rightfully considered one of the best international theater venues. A great occasion to listen to the performance of the world stars of the opera, and then once again look at the Kremlin in the glow of evening lights.


The VDNH complex (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) is the pearl of the capital, the largest open-air museum-exhibition. One of the most famous parks in Moscow begins a new life after extensive reconstruction, celebrating in 2019 a landmark anniversary — 80 years. For decades, VDNH (formerly All-Russian Exhibition Center) has undergone various changes in connection with the change of the political regime, and it is joyful to see how this unique space has sparkled with bright colors, while restoring its historical appearance.

Elegant national pavilions in restored buildings are a separate attraction. Mosaic patterns of the pavilion of Kazakhstan, the eastern color of the pavilion of Uzbekistan or the rich decoration of the pavilion of Belarus show the diversity of the heritage of the former republics of the USSR. Some of the pavilions can be visited right now and purchase local goods and souvenirs. We definitely recommend trying Armenian dishes in the pavilion of the same name and tasting wine brought directly from the factories of the Areni district. However, do not forget those same, traditional and incredibly tasty donuts, the recipe of which remains unchanged. You can buy them for takeaway and relax a bit while admiring the majestic fountains: “Stone Flower”, as if descended from the pages of a book of fairy tales, or “Friendship of Peoples” shining with gold in the sun.

For fascinating and at the same time educational leisure on the territory of VDNH there are numerous museums: the Museum of Moscow Transport, the Museum of Optical Illusions, and the multimedia historical park “Russia — My History”. Fans of all unusual are advised to visit the Cosmos pavilion, embarking on an adventure through an endless universe, with bizarre moon rovers and exhibits from the surface of the moon. By the way, from Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 to 15:00, visiting the exhibition is absolutely free.


Another park on your list that you can not miss. Sokolniki Park is located in the north-east of Moscow, next to the metro station of the same name. The landscaped area offers many leisure options for visitors of all ages. It is a great idea to rent bicycles and scooters and go explore the green space of the park. Animal lovers will definitely appreciate the mini-zoo and husky park, and for all museum fans, the Kyadrats multimedia gallery provides an interactive excursion into history: now, for example, you can visit the Nikolai II exhibition with the revived canvases of world artists dedicated to the reign of the last emperor of Russia . And in the summer you can sunbathe and refresh yourself in the indoor recreation complex “The Pool”, with DJ sets and special events.

A perfect location for photo shoots and romantic walks is the Lilac Garden, a nature corner in Moscow, loved by many Muscovites and tourists. The garden is especially beautiful in spring, when a thick aroma of lilac is floating in the air, and it seems that everything is filled with delicate flower petals. Take a walk along the wooden bridge and go to the Great Rosary, another decoration of the park, with flowering flower beds and a collection of unique plants from various climatic zones. Please note: in 2019, the small and large rose garden is temporarily closed for reconstruction for the summer season; landscaping works also take place in the Lilac Garden: soon it will be transformed into a palace park in the style of Russian classicism.

Of course, in one article it is difficult to talk about all the parks of the capital that deserve attention. And what green areas and natural attractions of Moscow do you like? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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