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10 сентября 2019

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Views of Moscow fascinate many travelers from all over the world. The peculiarity of the capital lies in its architectural versatility, so from different points of view it opens up in a new way, combining the heritage of the historical past and the modern look of streets and squares. It is from above that a dynamic picture of the city appears before your eyes, revealing its character and energy; this is a great way to make a first impression of the capital and better feel the daily life of Moscow and its inhabitants.

If you are planning a trip to Moscow, you should definitely see the panorama of the city from an unexpected angle, whether it be the deck of a ship during a river cruise along the Moscow River, an observation deck in Gorky Park or a unique view from the bell tower of Ivan the Great in the Kremlin. Today we will tell you about the best viewing platforms in Moscow, which will give you great photos and unforgettable impressions from exploring this extraordinary metropolis.

Vorobyovy Gory

Vorobyovy Gory — perhaps the main observation deck of the capital. An indisputable advantage is that it is free for visitors, works around the clock and allows you to compare the view of the city in the early morning and night in the glow of bright lights. It is convenient to get here by metro, having reached the Vorobyovy Gory stop of the same name. By the way, this metro station is recognized as one of the most beautiful in Moscow: panoramic glazing allows you to enjoy views of the Luzhniki sports complex and the building of Moscow State University, the country’s main university, reflecting the magnificent heritage of the Soviet era.

All the main sights are right in front of you: the mirror-like surface of the skyscrapers of the Moscow City business district sparkles, the spiers of Stalin’s skyscrapers (a unique business card of the capital) rush up and the bizarre design of the RAS, and you feel that you are in the center of events. Both tourists and locals like to spend their free time here: in addition to the observation deck, there is a spacious park with an asphalt path along the river, bicycle, roller and scooter rentals are available, in sunny weather you can relax and sunbathe on the promenade or go for a run. In addition, it is on this site that events are often held: festivals, concerts, competitions — come to the Vorobyovy Gory with the whole family for outdoor activities and successful pictures as a keepsake.

Moscow City Towers

Where, if not in Moscow City, you can feel the extraordinary energy of the metropolis and once again make sure: Moscow never sleeps! For futuristic views of Moscow, go to conquer the towers of Moscow City: each of them has its own name and unique design that attracts large international companies. The covered observation deck of the Empire Tower will surprise even discerning tourists: the urban landscape will open in front of you the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Ostankino TV tower, and the White House, where the Russian Government is located. Opening hours — 18: 00-23: 00 on weekdays and 11: 00-23: 00 on weekends. A visit is possible as part of an excursion (the standard ticket price is 400-700 rubles): they will share interesting facts about the history of the construction of Moscow City with you, show a detailed architectural layout of the complex, and a high-speed elevator will lift you up in a matter of moments.

Observation platforms are also located on the 89th floor in the Federation-East tower and on the 55th floor in the Federation-West tower, each of which will delight you with an impressive view of both the main sights of Moscow and the rapidly developing new areas. And after a visit, we recommend trying national dishes in a modern interpretation in the elegant Russian restaurant “Ruski” or having a romantic meeting in the amazing restaurant-club “Insight”.

Ostankino Tower

The Ostankino tower, built in 1967, at that time was the tallest building in the world (at an altitude of 540 meters, which is equivalent to a residential building with 120 floors). Of course, now she can’t keep up with the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai, but she has retained her TV and radio broadcasting functions and takes everyone to enjoy the views of Moscow.

There are two viewing platforms for visitors: closed at a level of 337 meters with unique glass sections in the floor, which are breathtaking, and open at an altitude of 340 meters, which can be visited from May to October. By joining a fascinating tour, you will learn about the everyday life of the television center, visit the local museum and see one of the important symbols of Moscow from the inside.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior impresses with its monumental and at the same time weightlessly light architecture. Standing on the Patriarchal bridge, you can enjoy its view and make memorable photos, admiring, perhaps, the best perspective of the Kremlin towers and impressive brick walls. Between the bell towers of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior there are four observation platforms, where from a height of 40 meters, travelers and residents of the capital will be able to appreciate all the splendor of the historical center from an unexpected perspective. The Moscow Kremlin here appears in all its elegant decoration, and besides it, a spacious Gorky park, the bookstores of New Arbat, Kotelnicheskaya embankment and Poklonnaya Gora open before your eyes. It will be interesting to consider the external decoration of the temple itself, one of the most famous and solemn symbols of Orthodoxy in Russia. Please note that you can climb to the observation deck only as part of an excursion, the standard cost of which is from 200 rubles.

Observation deck in the Central Children's World

The Central Children’s World is a separate attraction and a real kingdom for children of all ages, where you can have a great time with the whole family for shopping and entertainment. In addition to vintage design with delightful evening illumination, here you can discover an unusual view of St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin, with its chiseled towers, glowing stars and festive chimes. Beginning in 2019, entrance to the observation deck on the roof of the DTM has become paid, but the price of one ticket is only 50 rubles — and this is less than $ 1.

Observation deck Russian Academy of Sciences

Many people forget about the observation deck of the Russian Academy of Sciences, but in vain: it may be inferior in attendance to the Vorobyovy Gory, but it is from here that you will see the Frunzenskaya embankment stretching along the Moskva River, St. Andrew’s Monastery and Neskuchny Garden with its green alleys, a monument casting silver on the sun in silver Yuri Gagarin and the Academy building with an original design of metal structures on the roof.
For those who like to combine an elegant dinner and a bird’s-eye sightseeing tour, we recommend the prestigious Sky Lounge restaurant on the 22nd floor, with decent service and an attractive menu. By the way, for lovers of panoramic restaurants with a view, we definitely recommend visiting the trendy “Mercedes-Bar” or the fashionable “Buono” from the “Ginza Project” group, located in the “Radisson Royal” hotel, to drink a couple of cocktails in the ever-popular “Time Out Bar” in Beijing Hotel or treat yourself to delicious dishes in the original White Rabbit feed — we are sure that such memories will become truly magical.

What viewing platforms in Moscow do you prefer? Share your stories about Moscow with us in the comments.

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