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10 сентября 2019

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Moscow is a modern metropolis with a fast pace of life, in which every minute counts, and I want to catch everything. Despite the developed network of various modes of transport and really affordable prices for travel tickets, sometimes we just need a taxi: visit all museums and theaters, go out of town to see the unique estates of the tsarist times with our own eyes, and then have dinner somewhere in the center with the company friends. We talked with Muscovites about which taxi applications they use and why they choose them.


In Moscow, I use the Uber and Yandex.Taxi taxi services. Personally, I prefer «Uber»: it operates in most countries abroad, a very convenient interface, you can get to any point for a small price, especially when compared with a local official taxi, which sometimes takes 2-3 times more for the same trip. Often there are promotional codes, if you drive a certain number of trips or hours — a couple of times I came up with very good offers.

I recommend taxi in Moscow to users of various categories: the application has various levels of comfort (Light, Comfort, Business), cars with a child seat and standard versions — you can always choose something to your liking and your budget. This is especially true for those who are often on the road and makes small short trips, when you need to quickly get to the office or visit the main attractions, it turns out very profitable. Getting to the city from the airport is also by taxi, I always do it myself and rarely use the Aeroexpress train.

Nevertheless, I advise travelers in Moscow to use the subway. The network of metro stations is very developed, it reaches absolutely any point, and travel is inexpensive, especially compared to other world capitals — less than $ 1 per trip. There are always a lot of cars on the roads within the historical center: you can get into the traffic jam for two hours. If you are coming for a few days, it’s clearly not worth spending valuable time in traffic jams. Although a ride through Moscow at night and admire the city is very cool, but not during rush hours, when everyone goes to the office or from work.

Speaking about shortcomings, I often notice that when ordering a taxi, the driver may not get right up to the point indicated as the beginning of the route. A couple of times when I noted my actual address, a taxi drove to a neighboring house or nearest point, but because of barriers in the form of a barrier or for other reasons did not come to a specific address, and I had to go towards the car on foot. Further, Yandex.Taxi claimed a bottle of water for each passenger and free WIFI, but in fact I have never met such services. Also, be careful: some drivers of popular online services may ask you to cancel the trip and insist on payment directly, but this behavior is a clear violation of the rules of the company, and such cases must be prevented. The passenger will not feel protected, and in the event of a dispute, you will not be able to prove that you were driving with this particular driver and that route.


I mainly use two services: Yandex.Taxi and CityMobil. Why exactly them? Citimobil is convenient for short distances (trips are obtained on average 200-300 rubles cheaper), and Yandex.Taxi — for long ones. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that recently, due to the high demand for the Economy tariff at Yandex.Taxi, the Comfort category of cars may be cheaper, but they need to wait a very long time, and in the end you have to agree to the Economy tariff although it is more expensive.

I never use the Uber service, even though they recently merged with ‘Yandex.Taxi’. They have an inconvenient geolocation for me, money is withdrawn immediately, and not after the trip, and it’s hard to return them later, it’s difficult to contact support. Unlike Uber, Yandex.Taxi has an undeniable plus: they respond to any question or suggestion in 2-3 minutes. Sometimes I had situations when extra money was debited from my account, but the situation can be solved very quickly. Once, 2,000 rubles were mistakenly taken from me, I wrote in support, and they returned the full amount to me within a day.

I will recommend taxi applications to those who are willing to pay for their comfort: driving in a car is still more pleasant than in public transport; those who do not drive and do not use car sharing services; for those who need to get somewhere quickly: I use a taxi almost daily, and it’s faster to get from the Moscow region to the center by taxi, much faster than by public transport.

Travelers, in any case, should see the Moscow metro: we have very beautiful stations, each one is special, with unique architecture. But it is better to take a city tour by car: you look at the streets and buildings from the car window, and the driver talks about Moscow and advises you on unusual sights, restaurants of Russian cuisine or places where you should buy souvenirs.

When ordering a taxi in Moscow, remember that there is high demand 24 hours a day: even when calling a taxi at 3 a.m., sometimes you have to expect a car. Before the trip, I advise you to monitor the traffic situation with traffic jams and check the path through online map applications: they always show several routes, and the taxi car navigator offers the driver only one option, although often there is a shorter way. It is worth having an idea of ​​the main areas of Moscow and, if necessary, direct the driver along a particular highway.

And what do you prefer when traveling around Russia: to travel by public transport or use the services of a taxi? By the way, in addition to the popular taxi services, we have compiled for you a selection of useful applications for the traveler in Moscow. We will be glad to receive feedback and your impressions, and if you need advice, we are always there; leave your question in the comments under any article of our blog or ask it directly through the “Facebook” messenger: you will receive an answer within 5 minutes!

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