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24 августа 2019

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When planning a trip to Moscow, be sure to pay attention to Russian cuisine. Culinary traditions in Russia have undergone changes over the centuries, and now you can try both the popular holiday salads of the Soviet years, and the ancient recipes of the tsarist era and the modern rethinking of classic dishes with an unusual serving. If you have the opportunity, it is very interesting to go to a family dinner in an ordinary family and talk about what local people like to cook and have a cup of tea.

We have already told you about the best restaurants of Russian cuisine in the capital. We wanted to know: what do foreigners who have visited Moscow think about Russian national dishes? We talked with travelers from different countries — from Mexico to Portugal — about what surprised them the most and what recipes they would recommend to their friends.

Mauricio, Mexico

Russian cuisine was a real discovery for me when I first came to Moscow for the World Cup in the summer of 2018. Excellent restaurants, high-level service, and most importantly — all dishes are cooked at home and really tasty, although for many foreigners the combinations are quite unusual.

My favorite dish of Russian cuisine is borsch. In general, I noticed that in Russia they cook hearty food with a high content of carbohydrates and proteins, which is especially true in winter.

I also really liked the dumplings — with different fillings, I advise everyone! But red caviar, a real delicacy in Mexico, seemed quite specific to me, but it was still interesting to try it here in Russia.

By the way, in Mexico there is one dish that looks like local dumplings. It is called Gordita, larger in size, and is usually served fried. I would like to learn how to cook traditional Russian dishes myself: borsch, dumplings, dumplings.

If you choose where to go for tomorrow or lunch while traveling to Moscow, I definitely recommend the gastronomic market. I visited Danilovsky and Usachevsky, went to breakfast “Around the World” — I liked everything very much, the portions are large, an ideal place for a large group of friends.

Katarina, Serbia

In Russian cuisine there is so much variety, vivid tastes and aromas — during the trip to Moscow there was not a single dish that I would not like.

But the most original experiment was okroshka, a traditional cold soup with milk or kvass, which is especially popular in the summer. I wonder what the residents themselves think about okroshka? For me, I admit, the taste was quite unusual.

I was born and live in Serbia, and our culinary traditions have much in common with Russians. You can notice that most recipes are similar, and national food is served at home, in large portions. Perhaps that is why I liked the dumplings the most — this is a hearty meat dish I recommend to try for all travelers, and do not forget to add sour cream.

In terms of restaurants and gastronomy, Moscow really impressed me. I still remember the incredible dinner at the Insight restaurant in Moscow City, where I went with friends to celebrate my birthday. The atmosphere of Moscow at night was magical, and the main gift was the view from the 84th floor of a skyscraper — the whole city in full view! I advise you to order salmon as the main dish and enjoy a wonderful evening.

Joaquim, Portugal

The most unusual dish of Russian cuisine that I have ever tried is bear meat, and once a friend treated me to it. It was served in the form of slices of dried sausage, and, of course, it was interesting to try it.

Of the main dishes, I remember dumplings, for breakfast — homemade cheesecakes, there is nothing like them in Portugal. I didn’t like the salad “Herring under a fur coat”: the taste of beets is felt too much, a lot of garlic and mayonnaise. Buckwheat porridge, by the way, also did not conquer me.
In general, I had a positive opinion about Russian cuisine: appetizing, satisfying, you can quickly get eaten, especially in cold weather. I travel a lot and have tried dishes from all over the world. If we talk about the cuisine of other countries, it was tastier in Russia than, for example, in Kenya. I recently traveled to Vietnam, and so far Russian and Vietnamese cuisine are on the same level for me — although each of them is unique in its own way.

In my homeland, in Portugal, probably, there is no dish similar to Russian. The ingredients, cooking process and method of serving are very different. In Russia, there are a lot of snacks, cooked dishes, and in Portugal we eat mainly seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables.

To be honest, I always dreamed of trying borscht. I’m already waiting for the next trip to Moscow to try the most popular Russian soup in my homeland.

And what Russian dishes do you recommend to travelers? Share with us in the comments.

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