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13 июля 2017

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Traveling to Moscow is a great idea for a city holiday in the summer season. The capital blooms with bright colors, and one wants to walk for days on end, visiting all interesting routes, from the main attractions to the most unusual places. Having studied the labyrinths of the streets, tasted all the best in the best restaurants and bought original souvenirs home, it’s time to look at the city from a new angle. More precisely, from the water!

The Moscow River gives the capital a romantic and airy charm. Agree, the view of the panorama of the city from the deck of the ship is especially beautiful. Taking a river walk in the afternoon, you look at the buildings located along the coast, from an unexpected angle and take wonderful memory photos, and in the evening, when the city is lit up by hundreds of lights at nightfall, you will plunge into the inexplicable atmosphere of a miracle in the air.

Why is it worth going for a river walk along the Moscow River?

• The Moscow River is another important attraction of the capital, which is not inferior in importance to the main tourist destinations. The season usually lasts from mid-April to October, depending on weather conditions. The most picturesque views, whether it be the majestic appearance of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior near the Patriarchal Bridge or the business district of the future Moscow City, would not have been the same without the river surface enveloping them, reflecting the diversity of architectural styles and historical eras.
• River cruise on the Moscow River — a great solution for a romantic date. If during the trip you want to surprise your soulmate and plan a memorable surprise, a river walk in the evening will help you find the key to the heart of even the most demanding travelers, leaving pleasant memories in your soul.
• River adventure will also be a fun activity for children. If you are traveling with your whole family, take the time to take a boat trip together and share the joy of passing by monuments and museums, refreshing splashes of water and headwinds.
• A large selection of offers with ease allows you to find an option that is suitable for time and cost. Tickets can be purchased both locally and in advance on travel sites, and online prices are often more profitable. From river buses running along the Moscow River during the day to prestigious river cruises with delicious dishes, everyone can get to know the beauty of the Moscow River.

So, to take a river walk along the Moscow River, you need to choose the starting point of your mini-trip, that is, one of the berths — most of them are conveniently located in the center, next to the main attractions of the city. It is noteworthy that each of the berths has its own characteristics and history, and some continue to work even in winter. In order not to get confused in the variety of routes, we have compiled a description of key berths for river cruises on the Moscow River. We remind you that for the exact cost and the current schedule of departures, you need to consult on the appropriate site or at the information desk near the pier.

Gorky Park Pier

Gorky Park is perhaps the main park of the capital. The huge green area, which houses cafes with verandas, sports fields, alleys and a long promenade for walks, attract both tourists and local residents. After wandering around in the park and having a picnic on one of the lawns, you can continue exploring the city by taking a boat ride along the Moscow River.

Roomy two-deck motor ships with a cafe-bar leave every 20 minutes and make stops at six berths along the route: you can get off at any of them, or get to the final point. The cost starts from 400 rubles. As part of a two-hour boat trip, you look at the most beautiful sights of Moscow and get a lot of positive emotions.

The summer navigation of 2019 became brighter with the advent of colorful, like flowers, river buses with a glass telescopic roof. In addition to Gorky Park, they also depart from the Radisson Ukraine Hotel. The retro design is complemented by passenger comfort and audio guides in Chinese and major European languages.

Jetty River Station

The river station and the surrounding area are interesting in their own right. This unique monument to the Stalinist empire, with majolica panels and porcelain ornaments, is located on the banks of the Khimki reservoir in northern Moscow. The station can be reached using one of the taxi services, as well as by metro on the green line.
The building itself resembles a rushing ship with a high spire crowned with a five-pointed star. During the large-scale reconstruction, the complex gains a second life. It is here that you feel in a new way that Moscow is not accidentally called the “port of five seas”.

The river station offers a variety of water routes for every taste. We advise you to take a tour of the nearby reservoirs, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the beauty of nature, and on weekends, if you wish, go on a one-day excursion to the Bay of Joy from the equipped recreation area on Pirogovsky Reservoir, where it is so nice to escape from the noise of the metropolis. In addition, you can become a member of the unique program for Moscow gateways or take a river bus along the channel named after Moscow.

Sparrow Vorobyovy Gory

Perhaps, the most successful view of Moscow opens from the observation deck on Vorobyovy Gory: the Luzhniki Stadium, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Stalinist skyscrapers and skyscrapers of the business district — all at a glance. A walk along the long promenade along the river will give you a boost of vivacity and excellent mood, and it is best to relax after a busy walking route on the deck of a spacious ship.

A sightseeing tour of the Moscow River will be a great opportunity in a few hours to see all the beauties of the city. A convenient schedule (departures 4 times a day) will allow you to choose the right time for a walk, which will undoubtedly be interesting for both adults and children. In addition, every half hour you can catch the “Moscow” motor ship along the central excursion route, making a full circle in 2 hours. On board comfortable seats are available, including on the upper deck, and a cafe-bar with a varied menu.

Pier International Exhibition

We are sure that Moscow City has an important place in your plans. Once among the futuristic skyscrapers rushing up, continue your acquaintance with the sights of the city on one of the regularly running ships. In the heart of Moscow City there is a well-equipped berth, which is a busy transport hub — while passengers are provided with convenience and comfort.

Boat trips are held several times a day, during the working week and at the weekend: on weekdays you can take an evening walk, and on Saturday and Sunday look at Moscow from the water and in the daytime. The motor ships with the beautiful names “Prague” and “Inspiration” will offer you lunch or dinner — a great addition to the tourist program, is not it?

Berth Radisson Ukraine

The Radisson motor ship, cruising from the pier of the famous Radisson Ukraine Hotel, is more than just a boat trip. Take a cruise to the best views of Moscow on a snow-white yacht. On board you will find food and drinks from a special menu in the best European traditions, as well as the constant attention of qualified personnel. A closed deck with panoramic glazing creates a pleasant atmosphere in any weather during a 2.5 hour program full of impressions. Elegant ice-class yachts run along the Moscow River even in winter, when the navigation of ordinary ships stops.

For the most sophisticated travelers accustomed to luxury while traveling, the Radisson Flotilla offers hourly rental super-yachts. A truly royal ship gives maximum comfort: the upper deck with a spacious seating area allows you to enjoy magnificent views, and the bright restaurant with large panoramic windows on the lower deck gives a feeling of a solemn banquet. This river cruise is ideal for a corporate event, and for special occasions, a wedding ceremony or a birthday celebration.

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