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29 августа 2019

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Being in Moscow every day, over time you get so used to the streets and buildings that surround you that sometimes you don’t notice the beauty around you. And it is everywhere: in the silence of the narrow streets of Kitai Gorod, the grandeur of Red Square, the atmosphere of numerous verandas with views and green parks. You walk around the central district and understand: this city is unique, there is no such place anywhere else on the planet.

Recently, we talked with Muscovites about the main attractions of the capital and their vision of Moscow. And how do travelers from different countries see Moscow coming to the capital on a tourist trip or on business? What impression they have about the city and why they want to come here again — about this in our article today.

Lizbeth, Mexico

I have incredible impressions of Moscow! I came here in 2013 as part of a student exchange program for the summer diplomatic school at MGIMO, and I still remember this adventure. Moscow is a huge city that surprises you wherever you go, from beautiful historical buildings to metro stations, which are a real underground museum.

Most of all I was struck by St. Basil’s Cathedral, its colorful appearance is truly unique. Gorky Park was also remembered: when I visited it with friends, it was summer, classical music played, and we had an amazing evening. By the way, the Swan Lake restaurant is also located there, which I really liked — I recommend it to everyone. And the restaurant in Moscow City, the business center of Moscow, on the upper floors of one of the towers, with an amazing view, made a great impression.

In general, I did not have negative impressions of Moscow, but the real problem for a foreigner is that people practically do not speak English. If you do not speak Russian, it will be difficult for you to communicate with local residents. Those who are in Moscow for the first time, I definitely advise you to visit Gorky Park! And also — nightlife, bars and clubs. This is a little crazy, but a lot of fun.

Vita, Czech Republic

I really love Moscow for its open spaces, the incredible spirit that is already felt only after landing at ‘Sheremetyevo’. It is rich in everything: people, theaters, exhibitions, designers, restaurants, culture! In Moscow, I want to get lost. I think Moscow is like a little life.

I have a lot of favorite places in Moscow! Do not even fit into one text or one page. But during the trip, I always try to visit the theater or ballet, it can be a classic performance or a modern one, like the famous коллектив TODES ’dance group. Of course, I will definitely go around Red Square and go to the GUM for the most delicious ice cream in a waffle cup, I will gladly go to the performance of some popular Russian group, who often give their concerts in fashionable places in Moscow. My dream is to get to the Tretyakov Gallery and ‘Skolkovo’ on an interesting Public Talk, these plans will definitely be on my wish list for my next trip to Russia.

I want to change in the capital, of course, endless traffic jams. Sometimes it’s very difficult to get from one point to another in different parts of the city, sometimes I think: it’s good that I am a tourist and I don’t live in such a rhythm all the time. I would open more parks, I want Moscow to always breathe.

I advise all beginners in Moscow and those preparing for the trip: the Bolshoi Theater, Gorky Park and Zaryadye where you can find classes for every interest and taste. Red Square as an icon of Moscow and a mandatory walk through the historic center, some concert hall or roof terrace with good live music, the Tretyakov Gallery and Skolkovo! Oh yes, Moscow City is also amazing, and by the way, there is a great outdoor restaurant.

Omar, Mexico

Moscow is an incredibly powerful megalopolis in terms of energy. Arriving in the capital of Russia for the first time during the World Cup in the summer of 2018, I was struck by the beauty of the local species and really impressed by the richness of historical buildings that reflect the greatness and energy of the city. Traveling to Moscow is incredible emotions!

Without a doubt, my favorite place in Moscow was Red Square. The architecture of cathedrals and buildings on the territory of the Kremlin and near Red Square is unique and beautiful; it cannot be compared with any other city in the world.

Perhaps one of the negative aspects of my trip was that taxi drivers could not speak English, so it was very difficult to communicate with them. Some of them even tried to take advantage of this situation, trying to charge us at a higher tariff — so be careful!

From interesting places I can recommend the Farsh meat restaurant and the panoramic restaurant with a stunning view of the Insight in the tower of the Moscow City district. In general, while in Moscow, be sure to plunge into nightlife, take time to explore the sights and have an active lifestyle.

How do you see Moscow? Share your thoughts and experiences with us! By the way, if you are planning an independent trip to Moscow and want to find out relevant information on tourist destinations, useful resources and hotel accommodation, please contact us with questions in the comments under the article or via Facebook messenger: we will reply you within 5 minutes. See you in Moscow!

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