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28 августа 2019

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What is Moscow like? How does the capital live away from tourist guides, not in pictures of popular brochures with sights, but lively, everyday, real? To draw a portrait of the main metropolis of Russia, we decided to look at it through the eyes of local residents and talked with Muscovites about their love story for the capital, secret places and tips for travelers who want to feel the atmosphere of this city and see it from the inside.


Moscow is my homeland. At the word “Moscow”, as, perhaps, among many foreigners, the famous images of St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square pop up in my head. I also remember my family, this warm feeling of my home appears. Especially when I lived abroad, Moscow aroused in me primarily family feelings.

My favorite area of ​​the capital — I will be commonplace, but these are the Patriarch’s Ponds, or Patricks. There you can walk, many cool fashionable places, and there is everything you need to have a good time. Moreover, the area is quite calm in terms of cars, the roads are not wide, there is a pedestrian and park area next to the pond.

This year I rediscovered the area near the Arbatskaya metro station. I walked a lot on the Arbat, because on this tourist street there is a yoga studio that I visit. I better explored the historical center and streets near the Foreign Ministry, they are quite interesting for both foreigners and local residents.

I would like to change the number of traffic jams in Moscow; roads are constantly being repaired here, especially in the summer when you want to enjoy the city, and we would like for the repair to take place more efficiently so as not to return to this issue in the summer season.

For those who are in Moscow for the first time, I will advise quite popular places and main attractions of the capital, first of all, Red Square. It seems to me that any traveler who travels to Russia wants to visit her. Also, many people like the Izmailovsky Kremlin, there is a flea market where you can successfully buy souvenirs home; for example, my acquaintances Argentines greatly appreciated this place. And of course, Russian restaurants — how can one visit the country and not try local food? I advise any foreigner to try the most famous dishes of Russian cuisine: Olivier salad, which we eat every New Year, dumplings (this is the best dish in my life, I love it), and Herring under a fur coat. And for dessert — a bird’s milk cake.


Moscow for me is development! Moscow is a huge city and a million opportunities. For growth, for self-realization, for new acquaintances, for finding yourself. The city is constantly on the move. A lot of interesting places, interesting people and activities. For me, Moscow is an endless activity and development. This metropolis is confidently moving forward, and I really like it here.

From urban areas I want to mention Yakimanka. I love Museon and Gorky Park: there are always a lot of people, outstanding events. Cars, cafes, restaurants. It’s mine! I also like the area near Tverskaya and Patriarshiye Ponds.

Of the new places, I recently discovered the Salute site in Gorky Park. The first time I saw her this year; spent there with friends for 3 hours for sure. Climbed all these labyrinths, rolled out on all swings. In general, a holiday of childhood.

For travelers who are visiting Moscow for the first time, I can advise a whole list of places: these are the main parks of the capital — Gorky Park, Museum, VDNH. Of course, Moscow City, Red Square. It is very pleasant to walk in the Alexander Garden, and for lovers of leisure outside the city in the vicinity of Moscow, Tsaritsyno will be an excellent option.


Moscow is my home, and it’s cool here. No matter how many countries and cities of the world I visit, I want to return to Moscow.

This is the best city on earth, a megalopolis not spoiled by everyday life, in which everything is within walking distance, everything is around the clock, there is movement and a lot of activities, and at the same time it is cozy and atmospheric.

My favorite area is Khamovniki, a sleeping area in the Central Administrative District; a combination that is pretty hard to find in the center of a big city. In my student years I often came to the neighboring Gorky park, and now I live next to the Frunzenskaya. I like to live by the water, it brings me peace and tranquility. There are very steep apple alleys, and singer Zemfira lives in a neighboring house. Convenient transport access to the Garden Ring and the TTK, but it is very comfortable and quiet, although you are in the center of events.

This year, Plyushchikha Street became a new and beloved place for me. Khamovniki are divided into two parts, and when I moved here, I always walked along only one of them, and never looked into the second. Once, on a frosty winter day, I went for a walk, and was surprised how this area was opened to me in a new way. When I reached Plyushchikha, I realized that I had never been on this street in my life, and it was surprising to me that something new and interesting can be found right next to the house. On this street there are many buildings with their own history, with ancient facades and courtyards; sitting in local cafes and watching ordinary passers-by, Muscovites and their daily lives.

By the way, there is a special service that shows photographs of Moscow decades ago. Directly on the interactive map, you can select marks and find out what was on the site of various buildings in the 40s or 50s. I enjoyed the photos of Khamovnikov, watched how my house was built, how the district developed. The buildings of that era were monumental, spectacular, and still continue to be so. I just can’t believe that the face of the city over the course of decades could be so transformed. It seems that in these historical shots Moscow comes to life of the last century.

Moscow for me is an ideal place to live, and it’s even hard to find flaws right away. I would only like to improve the situation with the environment: it is worth doing separate waste collection, inculcating a more careful attitude to plastic processing. For example, in my yard a separate collection of garbage has already begun, installing containers, but in fact these technologies have not yet been implemented at the final collection points. On the one hand, this is partly the responsibility of the residents themselves, but on the other hand, there are not enough educational sessions and programs in this direction at the city level.

If this is your first time in Moscow, I advise you to look into the streets of Kitay Gorod. Of course, do not forget about the main attractions from the tourist list, but in addition to them, I recommend to discover the atmosphere of a real Moscow, more ancient, not as fast-modern as the rest of the areas. It is advisable to take a guide for a walking tour, but even without it you can feel this special atmosphere, walking in the evening with friends or alone. It is quiet, few cars, beautiful architecture. And at the weekend, if you have time, be sure to go to St. Petersburg — and compare for yourself the feelings of the two capitals.

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