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17 сентября 2019

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What if you want to visit the capital of Russia, but your budget is limited? We are convinced that often unforgettable memories and positive emotions are brought not by the spent amount of rubles, but by your feeling of the city. Walking in green parks, enjoying a sunny day, admiring most of the main sights and making interesting acquaintances, looking at the city through the eyes of local residents is completely free, and it is these invaluable moments that will remain in your memory after a trip to Russia.

When planning a trip to Moscow, even the most budget one, you will definitely discover a lot of new and interesting things — and in the future, if you wish, you can return to spend a luxurious time in the capital. We already shared with you life hacks on how to save money for a tourist on a trip to Moscow. Today we want to offer you a route for tourists who are willing to independently explore the city and are open to adventure.


Breakfast for the traveler is an important part of the trip, it will give strength for a whole day of walking. Our hotel offers a rich and economical breakfast, which will suit guests from different countries due to its diversity. However, if you decide not to have breakfast at the hotel, take a look at the Mumu fast-food chain, which is, by the way, a member of the prestigious restaurant group Maison Dellos, but is suitable for the general public. This popular network is also convenient because cafes are located throughout the city: you can easily find one of them near you.

For a reasonable price (complex breakfasts start at 99 rubles!) You will try various dishes of Russian cuisine, homemade, tasty and mouth-watering. Take hot pancakes with sweet cream and black tea, which the locals really like. Please note: the breakfast menu is valid from the moment the institution is opened until 11:30, so we advise you to start your day early, have breakfast with your health benefits and wallet, and go further to explore the city.

Acquaintance with the city

It is great that the historical center is open to absolutely all tourists, and you can see and photograph the iconic places of Moscow for free absolutely for free. Choose two or three areas that cause you the greatest interest, and using useful applications for tourists, pre-plan the route taking into account all the stops. Thus, you will make an original tour of the city and you can plan in advance economical, but at the same time tasty options for lunch and dinner.

We begin the journey with Gorky Park — the main park of the capital. We advise you to take a snack with you, as the prices for water and snacks in the park are above average. After walking along the Frunzenskaya embankment, go to the Sparrow Hills with a wonderful (and free!) Viewing platform to look at the panorama of the city from a height. Such a walk will save travel costs and will better introduce you to the city and its inhabitants, allowing you to actively spend time in the fresh air.

Next, we take the metro to the Okhotny Ryad station to see the famous Red Square with your own eyes: this program item cannot be missed, regardless of the budget. Visit Zaryadye Park and look out of curiosity at one of Moscow’s popular gastromarket “Around the World”, which is located within walking distance: you can take food with you, and it will cost less than a full trip to a restaurant.


How did Muscovites live? Where did they go and where did they eat? In “Canteen No. 57” your dream will come true: you find yourself in one of the historical institutions in the GUM shopping center, popular with tourists, which in itself is a real attraction.

All dishes are in Russian, and what’s nice, really low prices on tables. The choice here is more than varied: both directly, and in salads, and in soups. «Potato» to treat yourself to a small dessert.

Address: Red Square 3, GUM building, 3rd floor
Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00

The cultural program

So, having eaten up, we begin the cultural program. What to choose? In fact, it all depends on your interests. Moscow is world famous for the historical wealth of museums: this is the Tretyakov Gallery for connoisseurs of painting, the multifaceted Pushkin Museum, and the informative Darwin Museum. Entrance to museums for foreigners of non-privileged categories is generally paid, but often it costs no more than 5-10 dollars, and believe me, an unforgettable date with art is definitely worth the money.

For those who keep up with the times, we suggest visiting various exhibition venues of the renewed VDNH park with stunning green territory. If you have time before 15:00, then you will get to the Cosmonautics Museum absolutely free of charge: the unique exposition will be interesting for both children and adults. In addition, here you will find a lot of interactive exhibitions and entertainment, so that a few hours will fly by.

For young people interested in contemporary art, we recommend exploring the Art Play design center, taking a walk in the Museon park with unusual sculptures and exhibitions, or heading to the Flacon art quarter to see the author’s graffiti on the walls and plunge into the atmosphere of the renewed urban space. By the way, on the way you can grab coffee in the popular affordable Cofix coffee shop chain at an attractive fixed price.


Of course, the ideal option to complete the tourist program would be a romantic dinner in Moscow City or an unforgettable trip to one of the restaurants near the Kremlin. However, if there is no additional money left for this, you will be helped out by another network of affordable Russian rake home-style restaurants. Profitable promotions are regularly held here, and an economical menu will allow you to try several dishes in an incredibly photogenic interior.

For example, one of the chain’s restaurants is located in the Central Children’s World on Lubyanka, which will be interesting to visit with the whole family at the end of the day. If you don’t have the strength to go to the restaurant after long walks, food delivery will help you out — on the pages of our blog we told you about popular services that will quickly deliver any order directly to your hotel.

So, an exciting day is coming to an end, and you can’t even believe that without spending a single ruble on visiting sights and using only a one-day pass for public transport, you have visited so many unforgettable places and truly recognized the capital. We do not argue, Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, but even here there is plenty of entertainment and attractions for every taste and budget.

Continue traveling and discovering new horizons — and let financial matters not stop you! For our part, we will be happy to share with you our experience and tips on organizing travel in Moscow, taking into account your budget and interests. If you have any questions and interesting stories that you want to share with us and other travelers from around the world, leave us a message in the comments under the article or contact us via the “Facebook” messenger: we will be glad to meet you and will promptly reply to you in a few minutes!

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