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13 июля 2017

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When planning a trip, many travelers want to move around the city on their own, without adapting to tour groups and sightseeing buses. A big plus for foreign guests in Moscow is that the public transport network is very well developed. In addition to numerous buses, trolleybuses, trams and a monorail, the main transport artery of Moscow is the metro. Today we will tell you about how easy and convenient to travel around Moscow by metro.

So, if you are going to stay in a hotel or a rented apartment in Moscow, we advise you to choose accommodation within walking distance from the metro station, preferably within the ring line. So you save time on the road and avoid traffic jams, moving around the city, like most locals. In addition, Moscow’s public transport is quite safe; however, as in any large metropolis, it is necessary to remember precautions and keep bags closed, not to leave personal items unattended.


The ticket price will pleasantly surprise you: less than $ 1 per trip, while there is no division into zones or time limits; having bought a ticket at the box office or special machines, you can cross at least the entire capital, from south to north. We recommend that you purchase a rechargeable Troika card — so the fare will be even lower.

Some interesting facts about the Moscow metro:

— For 2019, the continuously growing Moscow metro has 232 operating stations and 14 branches (each with its own color and number). The first stations were erected in record time, and since then the Moscow metro has not ceased to amaze: the length of the longest station, “Vorobyovy Gory”, is 284m, and the deepest station, “Victory Park”, is at a depth of as much as 84m underground.
— The Moscow Metro can carry over 9.5 million passengers daily. At the same time, interruptions in the work of the metro are minimal, with the exception of repair and construction works on expansion. You can safely rely on the speed of the subway to be on time everywhere: the metro work schedule allows you to use it from 05:30 in the morning to 01:00 in the night. Nevertheless, we advise you to avoid morning and evening rush hours and get into the first two or last two cars — they are usually the most free.
— There are still legends about the secret Metro-2, a mythical parallel subway, the entrance to which is hidden near the walls of the Kremlin. They say that they built it on the orders of Joseph Stalin in case of war. Whether it’s true or not, we’ll probably someday find out, and if you are attracted by the secrets of the Soviet era, go to the Stalin-era Bunker-42 near the Taganskaya station — we are sure that this secret military facility will interest you.

Despite the scale and ramification of the metro, thanks to the convenient navigation system, it is almost impossible to get lost in it. As part of the metro renovation, all signs and sound announcements were accompanied by a translation into English; curiously, the female voice announces stops in the direction from the center, and the male voice to the center. To navigate in advance in the traffic pattern, download the Yandex.Metro application, available in Russian and English, to your smartphone.

It offers passengers a new generation of trains, ultra-modern and convenient: the cars have climate control, USB sockets for mobile devices, touch screens, interactive maps, plenty of space and light to ride in comfort. In addition, there is absolutely free WIFI at high speed throughout the metro — for more details on how to always stay in touch in Moscow, read here.

Some Moscow metro trains are special, registered; they are decorated from the inside with a historical or cultural theme. Right on the way, passengers can find themselves in reproductions of famous painters, like in an art gallery, get to know the mascots of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi or take a real retro train to recreate the wagons of the very first train of the Moscow metro. Perhaps there is no such amazing metro in any country in the world — we hope you are lucky and you catch one of the thematic trains during your trip.

Moscow Metro is also a real digression into history. The construction of the first line began in the 30s of the twentieth century, during the Soviet era, so most stations reflect the symbols of the Soviet era. Monumental projects, ceremonial stucco molding and colorful stained glass windows, unique mosaics and marble compositions still adorn many stations. By the way, at the “Ploshchad Revolyutsii” station, there was even a tradition: there is rubbing the nose of one of the sculptures, a bronze dog, you will have luck.

You walk along the Moscow metro like an incredible underground museum — and you are surprised that people rush about their business every day past these objects of cultural heritage, awarded international prizes in the field of design and architecture. If this is your first time in the Moscow metro, take the time to take a short guided tour of the central stations. An excellent accompaniment to such a cultural program will be numerous free concerts of classical and modern music performed by talented city musicians at the creative sites “Music in the Metro”.

To show you the unique interiors and rich decoration, we have compiled a selection of the most beautiful metro stations in Moscow.

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