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10 сентября 2019

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Arriving in Russia, most travelers flock to Moscow. The variety of attractions and entertainment in the modern capital is really impressive: tourists from all over the world will be interested in river cruises and country estates, unusual places and green parks, the best viewing platforms and restaurants serving Russian cuisine.

If you have already begun preparations for a trip to Moscow, you have managed to make sure that to get around all the points of interest on the city map, a week is not enough.

However, do not forget about another capital of Russia, St. Petersburg.

This second most important city has become the personification of the imperial greatness of the country, a kind of “window to Europe” and a place of attraction for connoisseurs of the rich history and culture of Russia. The enchanting city on the Neva River keeps many secrets of magnificent squares, mysterious palaces, wells and grand avenues. If your trip to Russia is planned for a week or more, you will definitely have time to visit both capitals — and form your impression of what is nevertheless closer to you: Moscow or St. Petersburg?

We have already shared with you a list of useful applications for tourists in Russia, including for using local public transport. Today we will talk about how it is more profitable and easier to get from one capital to another and combine a visit to these extraordinary pearls of Russia in one trip.


St. Petersburg is located relatively close to Moscow — but this is by Russian standards: the distance between the two cities is more than 700 km. If you are accustomed to fast movements and want to provide your own comfort, a plane flight is suitable for you, which on average takes about 1.5 hours. Once in a snow-white airliner, you will find yourself at Pulkovo International Airport almost in the blink of an eye: you can pick up a flight in the early morning so that you have a whole day left to explore the city.

Airfare depends on the time of year and seasonal offers and starts at 2,000 rubles one way. If you wish, you can combine movement along the route: for example, fly to St. Petersburg by plane, and then come back by train, thus trying different types of transport. The choice of airlines operating regular flights in this direction is quite large: there is a Pobeda low-cost airline, Aeroflot, the main Russian air carrier, and the popular Utair or S7 Airlines  — it all depends on the price of a particular ticket, the fare baggage and hand luggage and the airport of departure. For example, the Sheremetyevo Airport is located closest to our hotel: you can get to it by aeroexpress, taxi or even car sharing. To summarize: flying on an airplane remains relatively low cost and one of the fastest options.


A trip on a Russian train can be a real adventure for foreign tourists: the romance of the railways, soulful conversations with satellites and feasts along the way have already become part of Russian culture. The cost of seats starts from 750 rubles, but we advise you to take a closer look at the reserved seat (from 1000 rubles), coupe or CB, if you prefer additional amenities (from 2000 rubles — check the exact cost for your route on the official website of Russian Railways). Since the destination is extremely popular, dozens of flights are made daily, and you can easily find the best departure time for you. The best option would be a night train: get enough sleep on the way, early in the morning you will arrive at the station. Travel time is about 9 hours, which at first seems long, but in practice flies unnoticed by the measured clatter of wheels, especially if you travel in the company of friends.

For connoisseurs of luxury during the trip, there is a unique opportunity to go on a memorable journey into the historical past of Russia, having reached St. Petersburg on the Grand Express luxury train. Cozy compartments, transformable beds and an elegant interior will take you to a new level of comfort, and a well-thought-out set of services will be a nice addition: depending on the fare, passengers will have hot meals, individual travel sets and even a transfer.

The fastest way is the Sapsan, a high-speed luxury train that accelerates to 250 km / h. The train connected the two capitals with regular services and immediately fell in love with those who value their time and modern service: in just 3-4 hours, you will be transported from Moscow to St. Petersburg, and knowing metropolitan traffic jams, you can sometimes spend the same time just to get from Moscow region to the center at rush hour. The car provides sockets, air conditioning, folding tables, wifi, there is a division into standard seats and a business class — the passenger compartment really makes a good impression and allows you to spend time on the road efficiently and conveniently.

It is worth considering that the cost in this case is quite high: starting from 1,500 rubles in the low season, it can go up to 6,000 rubles for a standard seat in the summer, especially if you buy a ticket a few days before departure. Sometimes it’s really cheaper to fly by plane, but remembering that time and money are also spent on the road to the airport, Sapsan often pays off: you come to the city center and you can immediately go to a hotel or explore the surroundings. In addition, a high-speed train can be another vivid impression of your trip; it is no coincidence that Sapsan became one of the most popular ways of traveling tourists and fans during the World Cup in the summer of 2018.


The Moscow-St. Petersburg intercity bus is another proven way of communication between the two capitals. Ticket price starts from 1000 rubles. When analyzing offers, pay attention to the amenities in the cabin to get comfortable: the presence of air conditioning, reclining chairs and a dry closet is especially important in the summer season, when traffic and passenger traffic increase. Buses depart from various metro stations, so choose the nearest one (for example, near our hotel there is the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station, from where buses regularly leave for St. Petersburg at any time of the year).

Nevertheless, such a route is slower than a train, and takes an average of 11-12 hours depending on traffic jams, repair work, weather conditions and the situation on the roads as a whole. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of this option, we have to admit: the chances of a good sleep on the bus are less than on the plane or train, especially if you travel with children, moreover, you will have to spend more personal time on the road. The difference in price with a reserved seat train ticket is minimal, so we recommend that you consider alternative vehicles.


If you like road trips and want to admire the beauty of Russian landscapes from a car window, you can go to St. Petersburg in your own or rented car. The route between the two cities with a fairly fresh repair is well lit, there are often food points, pharmacies and gas stations along the road. Stock up on the navigator (Yandex.Navigator or 2GIS is good for Russian roads) on a smartphone with a local mobile connection and expect average costs from 2500 rubles per car. Such a trip takes about 9 hours — but ideally, without stops and traffic jams, but in fact the travel time can reach 12-15 hours if the exit from Moscow and the entrance to St. Petersburg are very busy.

However, if you have not traveled long distances to this or are traveling alone, it is advisable to use other means of transport, especially in winter or autumn weather, which for most tourists can be quite difficult. If you have a flexible approach to your time and are ready to try something new, consider your favorite BlaBlaCar in Europe: this way you will avoid the cost of renting a car and gasoline and make interesting acquaintances with new companions. Another plus is the favorable price, since the cost of one seat in a car with a driver and other passengers usually does not exceed the price of a seat in an ordinary train. To make the trip in line with your expectations, keep in mind that this option is perhaps the most unpredictable of all: you won’t be able to control the exact travel time and the number of technical stops, and if you are carrying too much baggage, it may simply not fit in a car. However, such a social experiment can be a fascinating adventure for you and the opportunity to chat with local people in a casual setting, having better learned about local traditions the lifestyle and the mysterious Russian soul.

What is the best way to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg? Share with us in the comments below this article! And we traditionally remind you that we will be happy to tell you the best option for transport that meets your expectations in terms of comfort and budget; You can contact us in the comments under any article or write directly via the “Facebook” messenger: we will reply to you in English as soon as possible.

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