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16 сентября 2019

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Moscow is a surprisingly diverse city where everyone will find entertainment to their taste. Both budgetary and well-to-do tourists definitely have something to do here: taking a walk through the green parks, you can go further to explore the historical center, visit the main attractions and surely try delicious home-cooked dishes of national cuisine that foreigners enthusiastically respond to.

At the same time, it is worth recognizing that this is also one of the most expensive cities in the world: hotel prices, official taxis and luxurious nightlife here are not inferior to Europe or the United States. What if your budget is limited, but you are planning a trip to Moscow and want to see all the most unusual and memorable? Do not get upset: in the capital you can spend time richly and interestingly even with minimal expenses! Today we will share secrets with you how to save money for tourists in Moscow: we are sure that such a trip will not negatively affect your finances, but it will give you a lot of positive emotions and introduce you to the most interesting sights.


The public transport network in Moscow allows you to quickly get from one point to another. We already told you about the Moscow Metro — a real underground museum that connects key attractions and allows you to forget about traffic jams. Having bought a travel card for several days, you will significantly save on travel. However, if you travel with a company of several people for short distances in the center, use the online taxi services: thanks to promo codes and promotions, the cost per person can be cheaper than a bus or metro ticket!

But renting a personal car in Moscow can cost you quite a lot: a paid parking system, the cost of gasoline and the rental itself will be significant. If you travel with friends from Russia, consider the option of car sharing; it is much more economical than your own car, but in any case, do not forget about careful driving and traffic rules to avoid fines.


There are a lot of interesting places in Moscow, for the visit of which you do not have to pay. The main attraction of Moscow, Red Square, is open to the public — at the same time you can walk around the historical GUM and take photos of St. Basil’s Cathedral. One of the best viewing platforms — Vorobyovy Gory — is completely free for all visitors. Anyone can walk in spacious parks (we especially recommend Gorky Park or the renovated VDNH), go to magnificent country estates, and just explore the historical center: Old Arbat, Nikolskaya Street or Kitay-Gorod will open you a special charm of Moscow.

Be sure to look into the ultra-modern Moscow City, walk along the embankment of the Moscow River, admiring the boats passing by, and take a picture on the Patriarchal Bridge, which offers perhaps the best view of the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. We are sure that you will also enjoy a walk near the Novodevichy Convent or the Patriarch’s Ponds — and the most valuable thing is that without paying a single ruble to visit these places, you will be imbued with the atmosphere of the city and get a lot of impressions.


The number of restaurants in Moscow is striking: every year, new and fashionable establishments are opened to meet the demands of the demanding Moscow public. How to eat in Moscow and not go broke? First, popular grocery stores are a good format: located in the central areas of the capital, they offer tasty and fresh dishes for less. Secondly, business lunches will become a real find: while in most European countries it is difficult to find a working kitchen at lunchtime, in Moscow you will have a lot of options for set meals with discounts up to 50% of the standard price on the menu (this even applies premium restaurants like Pushkin or Matryoshka). For only 300-600 rubles you will be charged with energy for the whole day — you will agree, it turns out really profitable.

Moscow is a very mobile city, and it is not necessary to go to a restaurant to eat your favorite dishes of various cuisines of the world. Food delivery services offer various coupons and promotions, and your order can be delivered at any time of the day directly to the hotel. Although on a trip, it is worth allocating funds in the budget for going to a restaurant, whether it is a pleasant breakfast or a festive dinner: from the rooftop verandas you will see the city in a new way, get to know Russian culture better, and due to the low cost of the ruble against the dollar and euros, even quite expensive by local standards, a meal can fit in 15-20 euros per person.

In the end — a few tips for travelers on how to save money in Moscow.

Organize your trip yourself. Even if you are going to Russia for the first time, thanks to online guides, tips from bloggers and travel reviews, you can plan your trip that will suit your tastes and financial capabilities. Take the visa, booking tickets and the hotel directly, and not through an agency. Instead of tours and excursions, find out how to visit the sights individually, and not as part of a group: this will definitely come out cheaper, and sometimes more interesting. Become the author of your trip — and discover Moscow through the eyes of local residents.

Plan your budget in advance. While traveling, many are prone to impulsive and excessive spending, and a trip to Moscow is no exception. Set priorities and think what is most important for you: to go shopping or watch a performance in the theater? Have a romantic dinner in a restaurant with your soulmate or enjoy a river cruise on the Moscow River? By categorizing your finances (accommodation / entertainment / food / transportation / shopping) and discussing upcoming expenses with your companions, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and do not spend more on a trip than you originally planned: with a competent approach, you will have money left for national souvenirs and pleasant things. By the way, do not forget about the Tax Free tax refund system at the airport!

Get a local SIM card. Prices for mobile communications in Russia are among the lowest, while mobile Internet is very fast, and you can buy a SIM card from Russian providers without restrictions or blocking for tourists from any country. The presence of an Internet connection will allow you to stay in touch with friends and colleagues at any time, make local calls without roaming, and make full use of all applications that are useful for tourists in Russia. Such preparation will save you a lot of time and money — and give freedom of action during the trip itself.

Choose the right location for your hotel. Looking at offers on popular booking sites, you will notice that the further the hotel is located from the center, the lower the cost of living in it. There is a desire to live in remote areas and save on the difference in price, but is such a savings so beneficial? If you live at a great distance from the center, then every day you will spend a few hours more on the road — and you really want to spend this precious time not in transport, but walking around the city. In addition, if you linger and decide to return by taxi, the cost of the trip will be several times higher. It is optimal to choose a hotel within a few stations of the metro ring line, within walking distance of the metro station and bus stops: this way you will be in time everywhere, you can take advantage of public transport and stay in the center of events.

Be flexible. As with any other trip, your ability to adapt to circumstances and benefit from them will be at your fingertips. If you can arbitrarily select departure and arrival dates, you will be pleasantly surprised by offers from airlines, which often save up to 50% of the total travel budget! In addition, entrance tickets to many amusement parks and cultural institutions are more expensive on weekends and in the evening: go there in the morning at the best price and without queues.

And what tips do you use for budget tourists in Russia? Share your life hacks and travel stories in the comments with us. We will also be happy to help you plan your trip and promptly tell you how to spend less in Moscow and have a great time: contact us directly in the comments under each article of our blog or via the “Facebook” messenger.

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