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28 августа 2019

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Inthe bustle of a metropolis, there is not always time for a full trip to a restaurant or cooking at home. This is relevant, including during a business trip or a busy tourist trip, when the number of days is limited, but you want to be in time everywhere.

For those who appreciate speed and flexibility, food delivery applications will be a convenient solution in this situation. From the prompt delivery of dishes from your favorite restaurants to food planning services — today in Moscow there are many options with interesting offers for every taste. We talked with local residents about the advantages and disadvantages of such services and advice to those who plan to use the food delivery services in Moscow.

Natalya, Moscow region

I do not use delivery services so often, I mainly order food so as not to leave my home when the weather is bad outside or I want to spend the weekend in a homely mood. I go directly to the website of a restaurant or cafe, I look at the menu in electronic form — simply and quickly.

Many people know Yandex. Delivery ”, another direction of the company“ Yandex ”, in addition to car sharing“ Yandex. Drive ”or taxi application of the same name.

I also recommend “Kitchen in the area” — a promising project, especially for residents of the central regions. Another useful service is “Delivery Club”. This online platform contains almost all possible options for Moscow restaurants and current offers with discounts. Such orders are suitable for all categories of users, it is as practical and convenient as possible, and you can also participate in referral programs and loyalty programs: accumulate bonuses, get special prices and promotions.

Competition in the field of food delivery in Moscow is growing every day, which encourages application developers to improve the quality of services and be responsible for the result. For example, if the dish was not brought within an hour — the order is at the expense of the company. This customer-oriented approach pleases, you almost always receive delivery on time. Although I once had an unpleasant experience when the food was delivered on time, it was cold: the impression was definitely spoiled, and the quality did not meet expectations. Fortunately, such situations are more likely an exception to the rule than a pattern, at least in my case.

However, food delivery, like many modern services, has its drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages — in some restaurants in Moscow, the minimum order amount is often very high and exceeds the average check during a regular visit to the institution. For example, in “Yakitoria” (where, by the way, there are very tasty sushi and a lot of mouth-watering positions in the Asian and European menus), delivery beyond the Moscow Ring Road can be made only from 1000 rubles. Not always my order reaches such an amount, I have to take more, but this is not profitable. It also happens that some services do not accept payment by card, and the courier does not have a change — such situations must be thought out in advance.

Nevertheless, restaurant food tends to annoy if ordered too often. Sometimes I want to cook something from my favorite dishes at home, especially when time and a work schedule allow. Delivery from restaurants is unlikely to replace homemade food for me: I’m used to family dinners and traditional Russian dishes.

The food delivery to the restaurant does not always compensate, it depends on the mood: I often go to the restaurant to meet friends and spend time in the city center, visit the sights and brighten up leisure time, and not just for the sake of the food itself. In addition, the atmosphere of the restaurant and attentive service always create a special feeling.

Dmitry, Moscow

To begin with, in addition to quite a dynamic job as a development manager at Mars, I lead an active lifestyle. Being in such a rhythm, I consider it simply necessary to plan my diet.

Residents of large cities have long been practicing the services of delivering food to their homes. Of course, I happened to try the most popular of them.

The budget version of food for the whole day will cost an average of 800-1000 rubles. This is 5-7 calorie boxes of food, depending on your needs and goals. From the pros: the minimum cost of time for the purchase and preparation of food, the lack of dishes. In addition, an interesting menu and a variety of dishes every day, which adds interest to nutrition. There are also disadvantages: economically more expensive than self-cooking.

I will not list all the services that I have tried, but I focused my attention on the “Level Kitchen” service. I liked that, unlike other suppliers, for this budget there are fish and vegetables on the menu. For new customers, such services always provide many discounts, up to the purchase of a nutrition program at half the price.

Food delivery and nutrition planning services are suitable for active people experiencing a catastrophic lack of time. Their use is relevant at any age. You can devote more time to important matters, relax and not think about what and how to eat.

Can such delivery really replace self-cooking? Of course. If it is possible to spend twice as much on delivery services than on buying products, you can completely forget about the existence of a stove and make another room out of the kitchen. It should be borne in mind that a budget package of food delivery for a month will cost about 22-25 thousand rubles. But you can order for 2 days or a week — as you wish. Once I was on a weekly business trip at a training in Yekaterinburg and used the food delivery service there. Very convenient: at once I closed the need for food in a busy schedule.

As an improvement, I would recommend adding a wider range of menu choices: lean, vegetarian, and fish. Also, it is worth adding the ability to exclude products (if the client, for example, has an allergy). Well, always work on the service: a convenient mobile application, fast communication, regular promotions are very important for users.

By the way, from the point of view of sports, this type of food is more than relevant. You make a diet depending on your needs: weight gain, maintenance or weight loss. Everything is cooked close to home and right. Not greasy, less spices and sauces, high-quality proteins. Just what you need to achieve sporting results. If a person works on his physical form, this type of nutrition will be the best choice.

How often do you use food delivery services? Share your experiences and impressions in the comments with us.

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