Car sharing in Moscow

Inthe era of sharing economy, we strive to optimally use our resources when traveling: we stop at authentic local residents’ houses with “Airbnb”, go to another city with fellow travelers with “BlaBlaCar”, rent electric scooters and bicycles in city parks and enjoy the freedom of choice among the many online offers platforms.

Having picked up this trend, after a taxi from the Uber application, car sharing came to Moscow. “Delimobil”, “YouDrive”, “Yandex.Drive”, “Belka”, “Matreshcar” are the key players in the new market who have relied on accessibility to a wide audience, maximum flexibility for customers and a variety of car models.

Should I use car sharing in Moscow? We decided to talk with Muscovites about the features of car sharing in the capital, the pros and cons of the service that is gaining popularity. Go!

Martha, 26 years

Even if you have a personal car, car sharing is a really convenient solution for a modern metropolis. No need to go through MOT, you can safely leave the car in the yard, besides you do not pay separately for gasoline — its cost is already included in the services. It turns out even cheaper than a taxi, the only thing that you have to be driving, and not rest in the passenger seat. The quick process of registration and verification of documents allows you to start using the service sometimes on the same day — and go on your first trip to car sharing in Moscow.

The car parking system in the capital is a real gift: you can park for free. When the price for parking in Moscow reaches 380 rubles per hour, especially in the center, sometimes I just don’t see the point of driving my car.

I love car sharing for flexibility and individual approach to the client. You can pay for minutes, or you can rent a car with daily rent. Previously, the main tariff was the price per minute, but now, as an alternative, you select a certain point on the map, and the program calculates the cost of the road to this point without traffic jams, which is very convenient at rush hour — you go and do not overpay.

Mostly I use the services of Yandex and Delimobil. In my opinion, Delimobil loses somewhat in terms of car fleet, number of cars and choice of models, but Yandex has the majority of cars in good condition, and the more you use the services, the more varied the choice of cars, including the premium class.

By the way, I can advise car sharing to those who go to the airport. In “Sheremetyevo” you need to be more attentive, but in “Vnukovo” and “Domodedovo” special parking lots are organized — it is impossible to get lost, you leave the car and go on your flight. Once I drove home on Yandex.Drive from Domodedovo for free: there was a special tariff of 0 rubles for driving accumulated cars back to the center. Try different services and experiment with special offers — this is how you can discover very good options.

Among the shortcomings: not all areas of the city are connected to car sharing, and you won’t be able to leave the car in any parking lot, you arrive — but it turns out that you need to put the car into standby mode and look for another place later, this is an extra cost.

Remember the other side of car sharing. If a fine comes for violation of traffic rules — the driver pays for it, including the evacuation of the car. Of course, a car-sharing employee can pick her up from the parking lot, however, it will cost several times more. It is no coincidence that traffic police officers recommend taking car sharing with caution, especially for novice drivers: in case of an accident, you will have to pay the cost of damage, the standard OSAGO insurance, which applies to most cars, will not cover them.

Sasha, 24 years

When using car sharing, I look at two factors: cost and comfort. In the morning, if it is possible to go to Delimobil at a discount from 06.00 to 11.00 (it used to be 3 rubles per minute, now it has been raised to 5 rubles), I choose them — it comes out extremely budget, even in traffic jams.

If I go on weekends, I can overpay a little and go to more pleasant cars: BMW, Mercedes, Genesis, Mini Cooper. It turns out slightly more expensive than Polo / Rio, but the comfort and condition of the vehicle is significantly better.

For the rest, I focus solely on the location of the car and small bonuses from each of the car sharing. For example, “Delimobile” free reservation is 20 minutes, and not 5, like many competitors — it’s convenient when you are just going to go out and plan your route. And in Yandex, each car has a built-in navigator.

The pluses are obvious and many have already talked about them, I’ll talk about the minuses — basically they are in operation mode. If you often travel outside the city where car-sharing is prohibited, and daily rentals imply too small runs, it turns out not very attractive for the driver. I also have a slightly shifted work schedule, from 10-11 to 21-22, and I can’t often find a car near the house when leaving, and in the evening I have never managed to leave the center by car.

By the way, during the repair in the apartment I was just left without a personal car and managed to feel all the disadvantages of depending on the cars nearby: once I was at 12 o’clock at night near Ikea Khimki and found car sharing with difficulty in a fifteen minute walk, with it completely empty a tank of gas, and on the way home, support didn’t respond to my calls and messages. I had to leave her a 10-minute walk from the house, right at the gas station, so that others could immediately refuel.

In the form of the development of car sharing, I would like to see more intelligent systems for assessing driving (the closest to this is “Yandex” now) so that other drivers do not try to drive away as soon as they see a car with a recognizable orange “paint”.

In conclusion — tips for those who take car sharing in Moscow for the first time.

Any car is a responsibility

In front of you, passengers and other road users. Unfortunately, dangerous situations with car sharing occur regularly. This is due both to those who drive such cars, because often these are people who do not have and did not have a personal car, and how they drive them: “Not your own — don’t mind” — the main motto of frivolous drivers. The format of car sharing is definitely more suitable for experienced users who follow the rules of the road and will be able to take responsibility and ensure safety on the road.

Be careful

Before driving, always, even at night or in the rain, carefully inspect the vehicle for damage and malfunctions. If something is wrong with the machine, they can attribute the “failure” to you — and with such a development of events you are definitely not on the way.

Spontaneity is not our thing

More precisely, it is clearly not the main advantage of car sharing, regardless of the particular company. When the car is needed urgently, it simply may not be within a radius of five kilometers. If you have an important event, you do not know the city well and hurry up, the best to trust your personal car or take the services of a taxi — all the more so with the advent of a new application format, taxi prices have become quite competitive.

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