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13 июля 2017

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Arriving in Moscow, many foreigners say that such a wide selection of restaurants and a variety of national dishes are not found in every city. In the capital there is everything: from authentic Turkish cuisine performed by the famous chef “Chef by Erdal” to “poke”, the fashion trend of deli from Hawaiian islands, from the Balinese smoothie bowl to Japanese sushi rolls, which have become more familiar to us than cereals and soups.

However, along with an international approach to business, national Russian cuisine is experiencing a rebirth. More and more key market players are betting on seasonal ingredients, fresh farm products made in Russia, and recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. For gastronomic discoveries in the Russian style, we offer you a selection of Russian restaurants in Moscow.

Cafe Pushkin

Let’s start with the classics — a status institution from Maison Dellos on Tverskaya, which does not need additional advertising. They love and know how to cook native Russian dishes, creating the atmosphere of a noble estate around. The halls of the restaurant are tuned to a prestigious and at the same time homely atmosphere: Library, Fireplace Hall, Orangery, Summer Terrace. You come here a bit like a museum of the 19th century, a little like a country estate, for a moment forgetting the bustle of the metropolis and appreciating the attention to details of vintage furniture. Connoisseurs of Russian cuisine will be pleasantly surprised by a well-composed menu from the permanent chef Andrei Makhov, and foreign guests will certainly appreciate their first acquaintance with the culinary traditions of Russia.

A sufficiently high average check justifies itself due to the impeccable service and timely delivery of truly delicious dishes — and this is even during the World Cup, the main event of 2018, when “Pushkin” seemed to be in all tourist guides. For those who are guided by a more modest budget when traveling, we give advice: on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00 you can dine on a special offer for 840 rubles, and such a democratic two-course option is not inferior to the main menu in quality and level of service.

Address: Tverskaya Boulevard, 26A
Opening hours: around the clock

Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago

If you are once again in Moscow on business, if you are a tourist who came to Russia for the first time, even if you have lived here all your life, you do not need to look for a special occasion to treat yourself to a memorable meal overlooking the Kremlin towers. Dr. Zhivago, located on the ground floor of the luxury National Hotel, unites completely different people in its author’s interior. Here they conduct business negotiations with foreign partners, gather for a friendly meeting or make dates.

The restaurant’s design solutions are as multilayered as the amazing Russian history. Scarlet and snow-white decorative elements reminiscent of the greatness of imperial Russia overlap with the ruby ​​stars of the Soviet era, the exquisite table setting is complemented by works of art of the twentieth century — and all this eclecticism in the very center of Moscow has occupied its niche and looks organically, fitting into the modern trends of the gastronomic palette of the capital.

The menu reflects Russian cuisine as part of the national culture. In addition to the seasonal menu, breakfast deserves special attention: hearty cereals, hot cakes with sweet and savory fillings, delicate pancakes and a variety of egg dishes (we recommend trying Benedict eggs with Tambov ham or poached egg with stewed spinach and red caviar) — which is no reason for a nice meeting in the center? The main menu focuses on seafood, especially oysters, seafood from Sakhalin and various types of caviar.

Address: st. Mokhovaya, d. 15/1
Opening hours: around the clock

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