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24 августа 2019

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The variety of sights of the capital is so great that, it seems, 24 hours a day is not enough. I would like to catch time in museums and shopping, take a walk in city parks, look at all the most unusual and interesting — and find time for an evening trip to the theater. Therefore, it is better to start acquaintance with Moscow in the early morning: you will have a whole day ahead, which you will fill with vivid impressions.

Why not start your morning in Moscow with a delicious breakfast in one of the local cafes? On the pages of our blog, we have already told you about the best restaurants of Russian cuisine. In one of them, “Dr.Zhivago”, we definitely recommend traditional hearty breakfasts from local delicacies with stunning views of the Kremlin. In today’s article, especially for gourmet travelers, we have compiled a selection of the most interesting establishments with an attractive breakfast menu for every taste.

Cook’kareku Cafe

This restaurant on our list is no coincidence in the first place, because it serves breakfast all day. It doesn’t matter whether you are an early bird or an owl, and from which time zone you arrived in Moscow: at the Cook’kareku cafe you will always be on time. The original concept allows visitors to try the culinary traditions of all countries of the world. It seems that at the table you are making a small trip around the world, from Texas to Israel and from Thailand to the UK. For lovers of local traditions, there is a special “Tourist’s Breakfast” with famous home-made dishes of Russian cuisine, including buckwheat with milk and an egg boiled in a bag.

Whatever your taste preferences, the choice here is really impressive: the creator of the restaurant, Alexander Rappoport, offers 27 options of hearty and delicious breakfasts to complement your day with a cheerful mood. In addition, the cafe is located near the metro station “Krasnopresnenskaya”: it is convenient to get there by metro, and in the summertime, sitting on a cozy veranda, you can at the same time visit one of the sights of the capital, the Moscow Zoo is an excellent plan for the whole family.

Address: st. Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, 9, p. 4
Opening hours: around the clock

Courage Champagne&Oysters Bar

The premium restaurant “Courage Champagne & Oysters Bar” will bring the atmosphere of luxurious Paris to your day. Here you will find a real aristocrat breakfast with notes of empire and art deco, with successful seasonal offers, invariably delicious coffee and a variety of dishes, taking into account the combination of Russian and European culinary traditions. The original presentation is complemented by classical piano music and an elegant interior: a small but cozy space with marble tables, raspberry velvet sofas and gold fittings sets the mood for pleasure and enjoyment of the moment.

In the evenings, the restaurant works like a cabaret, becoming the center of attraction for lovers of exquisite nightlife. Parties with DJ sets and guest musicians are an excellent occasion to combine dancing and a sophisticated Mediterranean dinner accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine. As stated in the name, the oyster and champagne are the hallmark of the establishment: the bar has over 40 positions for the most demanding tastes. We advise you to look into this institution in the morning and in the evening and plunge into the bohemian lifestyle in the center of Moscow.

Address: 11 Dmitrovsky Lane
Opening hours: 10: 00-00: 00

Friends Forever Company

Restaurants of the chain with the most “instagram” interiors of Moscow, located in the central areas of the capital, present several concepts for those who like to have breakfast outside the house. “Breakfast Café” speaks for itself: in search of a cozy atmosphere and those same blueberry pancakes with hot sauce, go here in the company of friends. In addition to the original cakes, which can be ordered directly from the window, there are many offers of complex breakfasts for any mood.

“Friends Forever Café” is the heart of a successful network, as if taking you to vibrant New York. The menu includes cakes with tasty names that are hard to resist and a setting for gatherings with a friend over a cup of coffee. “Conversation Café” is another establishment that shares a love of intricate desserts. All kinds of decorations from air meringues, fresh fruits and berries, chocolate and intricate figurines attract attention, and I want to try everything all at once. If you wish, you can order a cake according to your individual recipe for family holidays and special occasions.

Breakfast cafe
Address: st. Malaya Nikitskaya, 2/1 p. 1
Opening hours: 08: 00-23: 00

Friends Forever Café
Address: st. Malaya Nikitskaya, 2/1 p. 1
Opening hours: 08: 00-23: 00

Conversation Café
Address: st. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 23/14/9
Opening hours: 08: 00-00: 00


If you want to pamper yourself while traveling in Moscow, head to the Patê & Co brasserie to start your new day beautifully and tastefully. The pleasant interior in a sophisticated French style with a natural ornament on the walls reminds of Parisian chic and at the same time creates a feeling of lightness and serenity. He is echoed by a thoughtful and concise menu, which combines the best traditions of French gastronomy: the philosophy of food pairing is reflected in the competent selection of wines, delicious ingredients for an ideal breakfast and the hallmark of the establishment — homemade pastes and terrines according to the original recipe.

The cafe is located a few steps from Red Square and the territory of the Kremlin, next to the prestigious Hotel Baltschug Kempinski. Come here for breakfast from 08: 00-12: 00 on weekdays and from 10: 00-16: 00 on weekends, then to continue exploring the main attractions of the capital. The freshest croissants, toasts with straccella, ricotta cheesecakes or classic Benedict eggs — whatever your preference, breakfast at Patê & Co will give you a good mood for the whole day.

Address: st. Baltschug, 3/2
Opening hours: 08: 00-23: 00


“Pinch” is the cult place of the Patriarch’s Ponds both day and evening, but breakfasts are especially good here. What is an author omelet with exquisite truffle shavings or fragrant cheesecakes with sour cream or jam … Choose a place at a table near a wide-open window and for a moment freeze in the middle of the city bustle, watching how the city and its inhabitants wake up, how everyone hurries somewhere your business — and with a good mood continue your walk around Moscow.

However, the gastronomic palette on the Patriarchs is so diverse that it would be a mistake to recommend just one restaurant. In the recently opened “Avocado Queen” you will find all possible variations on the theme of the main ingredient, avocado: delicious toasts with interesting combinations, healthy light salads, smoothies and even desserts! In “Happy End” you can sit on the shady veranda, and in the family coffee shop “Nude” or the designer “Coffee Bureau” take coffee with you, walking along the winding streets towards Tverskaya Street. Whatever your choice, the great advantage is the close location of the restaurants, and each time you can try something new, being in the very center of the capital.

But the drawback that unites the restaurants of this area is the limited number of places, even in the morning hours. Therefore, we recommend a large group of friends to visit any of the original gastro markets of Moscow, where you can always find a place indoors or on the terrace. Be sure to return to the Patriarch’s Ponds in the evening to plunge into the nightlife of the capital and get to an incendiary party in one of the noisy bars.

Address: Bolshoy Palashevsky Lane, 2
Opening hours: 08: 30-00: 00

What breakfast, in your opinion, is ideal for travelers in Moscow? Share your recommendations in the comments.

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